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The recipes of Baumanière

The recipes of Baumanière
Recipes of Baumaniere Hotel in Provence

The recipes are extracted from Jean-André Charial's book : "Une année de cuisine dans les Alpilles, 93 recettes en Provence".
Minerva Editions, March 2007. Texts from Françoise Huart.

Tarte aux Petits Pois

Vegetarian Receipe made with the famous green peas of Baumaniere's organic vegetable garden.

Summer: Tomato Water

"It's phantasmagorical, a profusion of colours, an astonishing palette.

Spring : Boned leg of Lamb in a Pastry Crust

"With the leg of lamb, while it's true that we're not showcasing our spring vegetables, we're still paying tribute to something raised on local soil and to a Baumanière tradition.

Autumn: Chestnut Purée with Black Olives

"It's autumn, it's cooler and you get hungrier. You start to crave vegetables that stick to the ribs.

Winter : Truffle and Leek Ravioli

Jean-André Charial admits that he has a special weakness for truffles.

Mas de Baumaniere
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