Une Olive en Provence “Une olive en Provence” spa treatments in Provence

True to the traditions of the Alpilles region, “Une Olive en Provence” and the Spa Baumanière are paying tribute to the health and beauty-giving secrets of the land of Provence, as symbolized by the olive tree. Pure and simple range of olive-based cosmetic products is combined with an exclusive choice of anti-stress, restorative treatments and the savoir-faire of our expert staff.

A magical alliance between the savoir-faire of the Spa Baumanière and the cosmetics range “Une Olive en Provence”, for a dream trip based on the virtues of the olive tree.

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Beyond the renowned recipe of Marseille soap, the idea of bringing a touch of innovation to an ancient product of Provence and being, at the same time, the most respectful to tradition was being quite challenging. However, by using all the valuable properties of olive tree, the young couple has succeeded in designing an attractive range of products. Its pleasant texture, its delicate fragrance and its wonder-working properties make it very alluring. Thus, each element of the legendary tree has been carefully studied and selected and makes the primary active basis in the formulation of these cares. Carefully studied and selected for their most complete effectiveness, each component of the legendary tree provides the essential foundations in the product line composition. Olive blossom extracts, obtained through the method of Dr Bach, show to have high regenerative properties. Extra-virgin oil oil strengthens skin’s protective function. Olive squalane helps boost skin hydration and restore the lipid film. Olive leaf extracts, rich in flavonoids and chlorophyll, feature high antioxidant properties.

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For each treatment and formulation, and combined with the olive tree valuable properties, active ingredients are very strictly and carefully selected for their unique qualities and to answer to the very specific needs of beauty routines. Moisturizing, soothing, softening, regenerating and tonifying, this line of skincare products, designed by Annabel and Jean-Baptiste is just divine… for your body and soul. WITHOUT PARABENS AND PHÉNOXYÉTHANOLS. WITHOUT INGREDIENTS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN AND NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVELY MADE IN PROVENCE.

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