Menus L’Oustau de Baumanière***

A stroll

Blue crab from Meditarranean Sea “Classical”   Brioche bread

Intense and strong, smooth red mullet, “Observation”   Socca
farmer cream, crispy scales,

Slice of bread of sardine from Mediterranea Sea, “Federative”   Bay bread
creamy toasted bread

« Croque » Cod, tarragon creamy, “Memory”   Sandwich bread
roast fish bone juice, onion, rocket salad, edge milk

Blue lobster spread, “Pictured”   Beetroot bread
a sauce within a sauce, withered beetroot purée

Milk-fed lamb*, “Tenderness”   Thick foccacia
spinach against each other and seaweed, « Marinière » lamb juice
* origin : Spain

Young pigeon « 19 km as the crow flies », “Memory ”   Seed bread
cooked in hay crust, variety meats rolled in a leaf, juice scented with lavender

Cheese trolley    Fig-walnut country bread

Transition, “Exchange” one vegetable, one fruit
Dessert “à la carte”
(to order at the beginning)

Petits fours & assorted sweet delicacies “A smile”

Food and wine pairing for this menu : 145€ or 220 €

*Pre-ordering before 1 pm for lunch and 21 pm for dinner

This menu is for information purposes only and is subject to change.

1987 - Vegetable Menu

We have created a menu for you featuring fresh vegetables from our gardens and from neighbouring farms. To present them cooked in different ways, we have chosen to accompany them with the finest virgin olive oils from the Baux Valley Appellation.

Decanted tomato “Innovation” black fruity olive from Vallée des Baux    Brioche bread

Beetroot, “Pathway” 3 citrus, a touch of tarragon    Beetroot bread

Pickled lettuce, cooked under pressure “Innovation”    Baumanière bread

Champignons de Paris, “Simplicity” a touch of apricot    Bread with bread

« Pizzaladière », “Emblematic” when pizza meet pissaladière…

Cheese trolley    Fig-walnut country bread

Chicory, “Cleaving” sorrel and white chocolate

Carrot, “Baffling” confit with honey, creamed vanilla, verbana sorbet

Food & Wine pairing Menu “Provence”,
€120 per person

*Pre-ordering before 1 pm for lunch and 9 pm for dinner

The dessert Menu

(to be ordered at the beginning)

Millefeuille Baumaniere’s tradition, “Modernity”
light cream with Madagascar vanilla, pistachio florentine and vanilla ice cream

Crêpe soufflée, “History”
with the finest Grand Marnier,
“In memory of Monsieur Thuilier “

Apricot, “Sweet”
one side hot one side cold , some condiments

Raspberry, “Elegant”
fresh and dehydrated, iced coconut and dill

Ice cream : Vanilla from Madagascar – coconut – Yoghurt
Sorbet : Strawberry – Lemons – Black « grand cru » chocolate

Caramel sauce – chocolate sauce – Caramelized peanuts – Caramelized hazelnuts – Chantilly

Children's Menu


Our Chef suggests a special children menu !

Starter, main course, dessert

Starter, main course

Main course, dessert

Tomatoes of the garden, mozzarella
or Creamy vegetable soup
or Duck foie gras

Fish of the day with purée
or Spaghettinis with Bolognese sauce
or French fries, Grilled fillet of beef
or Roasted poultry breast with purée

Waffle with sugar or chocolate
or Assortment of ice creams and sorbets

All prices are taxes and services included. Correct outfit required