L’Oustau de Baumanière*** – Chef Glenn Viel

La Ballade

“An ode to the legendary Baumanière tradition,
combining authenticity and creativity. A journey for the senses, where the product is brought to the fore in the search for the best and most surprising flavours”.

Glenn Viel

340€ per person
Served at lunchtime until 1pm
Served with dinner until 21:00

To accompany your Ballade, we suggest :

Wine and food pairing “Cépages de France”
€200 per person (including 8 half glasses)


220 € per person

Between tradition and creation…

2 starters
Leg of lamb with gratin dauphinois,
Pre dessert

– menu served for a minimum of 2 people

Wine and food pairing
€110 per person (including 4 half glasses)

1987 - Vegetable Menu

190 € per person, drinks not included*

Now one of l’Oustau de Baumanière’s signature menus, the idea of a “Vegetables” menu was born in 1987 in the mind of Jean André Charial on his return from a trip to India.

The vegetable garden is the very essence of this signature menu.
In homage to our mother earth, this meat- and fish-free menu uses vegetables from our organic kitchen garden and local producers for most of its dishes.

Cooked, raw, tender, crunchy vegetables accompanied by AOC olive oils from the Vallée des Baux, with the creations of chef Glenn Viel, there are a thousand ways to highlight Mother Nature while preserving its resources. This menu is one of those ways.

Doubeurre “Surprenant
lightly acidulated fondant
Brioche bread

Wilted beetroot, “Cheminement
3 citrus fruits, a touch of tarragon
Beetroot bread

Root compression, “Culturel
beetroot juice
Lemon bread

Layered button mushrooms, “Simplicity
Bread with bread

Palet breton, black truffle … “Imagé” (Imagery)

A range of cheeses
Fig and walnut campaign

Butternut, “Clivant
Beer and iced coffee

La Pomme de Terre, “Déroutant
In a crust, iced hazelnut

To accompany your Vegetables menu, we suggest :

Bucolic” food and wine pairing
135€ per person (including 6 half glasses)

Vegetal” non-alcoholic wine and food pairing
95€ per person (including 6 half glasses)

The dessert menu

(to be ordered at the beginning of the meal)

The Millefeuille, “Modernité
Baumanière tradition, light cream with Madagascar vanilla,
Florentine pistachio and vanilla ice cream

The Crepe, “Historical
soufflé, with Grand Marnier,
“In memory of Monsieur Thuilier

Imagé” squeezed lemon
Frosted mint and olive oil

Mango soufflé “Unique
Crispy skin, creamy Basmati rice

The ice creams : Madagascar vanilla – Brazilian coffee – Strawberry
Sorbets: Raspberry – Lemon – “Grand Cru” dark chocolate

Caramel sauce – Chocolate sauce – Whipped cream

Desserts may change according to the season and the whims of our Pastry Chef Brandon Dehan.

Children's Menu


Our Chef suggests a special children menu !

Starter, main course, dessert

Starter, main course

Main course, dessert

Tomatoes of the garden, mozzarella
or Creamy vegetable soup
or Duck foie gras

Fish of the day with purée
or Spaghettinis with Bolognese sauce
or French fries, Grilled fillet of beef
or Roasted poultry breast with purée

Waffle with sugar or chocolate
or Assortment of ice creams and sorbets

All prices are taxes and services included. Correct outfit required