Luxury Hotel near Saint Remy de Provence

The little capital of the Alpilles

Just like the rest of Provence and the Mediterranean coast in general, the Saint-Remy-de-Provence area has a rich history that goes back to prehistoric times. Antiquity was a period of intense activity in St. Remy, given its proximity to the Greek trading post in Arles and the lively commercial exchanges throughout the region. Development continued into the Middle Ages with the construction of numerous churches, some of which are still found in this picturesque city, considered the little capital of the Alpilles.

Baumanière les Baux-de-Provence

Beautiful manners and the art of living, such are the guiding principles of Baumanière les Baux-de-Provence. With luxury expressed through simplicity and a warm, welcoming Provencal atmosphere, all is designed to make guests feel at home. The same impression permeates the 5-acre gardens of Baumanière les Baux-de-Provence, where generous shade and seasonal flowers entice you to wander a bit and find moments of peace and relaxation.